Quindi Research launches United States prepaid utility service tracker

  • Comprehensive data-set on smart meter based prepaid service among US utilities
  • Sheds light on prepaid utility program policies
  • Regular updates track growth in smart pay-as-you-go electric pilots and deployments

Cambridge, United Kingdom (19 January 2016) – Prepaid utility service is on the rise in the United States, as electric cooperatives, municipal power companies and increasingly investor-owned utilities look to leverage their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) deployments to launch a modern prepayment option for their customers, according to analyst firm Quindi Research (www.quindiresearch.com).

AMI prepaid electric pilots and deployments in the United States

AMI prepaid electric pilots and deployments in the United States – Source: Quindi Research

“Our extensive research has uncovered hundreds of electric utilities across more than 30 US states who are already offering, piloting or planning to introduce AMI-based prepaid service,” said Catherine Viola, Quindi Research’s Founder and Consulting Analyst. Many other utilities are also considering the benefits of introducing prepayment, which include giving customers more control over their consumption and budgets, energy conservation, increased customer choice and satisfaction, and reduced levels of residential debt.

“Our new tracker service is designed to give the growing number of utilities who want to leverage their AMI deployments to launch a pay-as-you-go option for their customers a head-start on understanding how these programs are being implemented among their peers,” Viola explained.

According to Viola, the Smart Prepaid Utility Service Tracker: United States is the most comprehensive data-set available for AMI-based prepaid service among US utilities. Containing over 250 entries, the tracker presents a wealth of easy-to-compare information on prepaid program features, including fees charged, debt recovery arrangements, account management and notification channels, payment channels, disconnection and reconnection policies, and technology solutions providers. Updates are available three times a year.

For more information about the Tracker and to download a brochure, please visit our Prepaid Energy Hub website.

About Quindi Research

Quindi Research provides customised research and analyst services for organisations throughout the smart energy and wireless communications sectors. Our publications and research help utilities, service providers, network operators, software vendors, equipment manufacturers and regulators identify and exploit the opportunities from the emergence of new technologies. Quindi Research runs the Prepaid Energy Hub web site (www.prepaidenergyhub.com), which provides in-depth coverage of global trends and developments in energy prepayment during the transition to smart metering.

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