Prepaid Energy Hub website launched

Prepaid Energy Hub website launched to track global trends in pay-as-you-go energy

  • Free online resource for professionals in the utilities sector
  • Unique focus on trend towards prepayment for retail electricity and gas supply
  • Pay-as-you-go energy based on smart meters poised to take off as consumer choice

Cambridge, United Kingdom (12 March 2015) – Quindi Research has launched Prepaid Energy Hub (, a free-to-use website designed for utilities, energy regulators and technology solution providers. Created to track the growth of pay-as-you-go (PAYG) retail electricity and gas offerings, the website provides in-depth analysis of hot topics, company announcements and product news, as well as case studies of energy suppliers’ prepayment programmes.

“Prepayment is already a popular choice for many services, including mobile communications and transport,” said Catherine Viola, Prepaid Energy Hub’s editor. “With smart metering, energy suppliers can capitalise on people’s liking for the PAYG concept and recast prepayment for electricity and gas as a convenient lifestyle choice.”

According to Viola, PAYG could eventually become as popular for energy services in some countries as it is for mobile communications. One key to unlocking the growth potential of prepaid utilities is making the service more customer friendly. “Customers want to be able to top up anytime, anyhow and anywhere,” Viola explained. “So energy suppliers will need to support a wider range of top-up methods than in the past, and introduce new payment channels such as online, mobile or automated recharges from a bank account or card.”

Well-designed PAYG energy offerings can empower consumers to manage their budgets more effectively and this will also help increase their appeal, Viola continued. “Modern PAYG services are designed to help people track their usage levels and stay within their budgets. The key ingredients are combining a greater transparency of consumption data with timely messaging that allows consumers to take appropriate action, such as topping up or cutting back on their usage. With these in place, PAYG can become a powerful budgetary tool that consumers will value.”

Viola believes that prepayment will start to find favour as a true consumer choice in a number of developed markets where smart meters are being rolled out. “One place to watch will be the UK, where a few suppliers, including Utilita and OVO Energy, have already begun marketing modern PAYG energy services based on smart meters,” she said. “But at the moment we’re just at the beginning of a much longer-term trend.”

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